Online Video Obedience Class

We now have an online class for when you can't make it to on-site classes, if they're full, or if you can't wait for the next session to come around!

How it works

- once you pay for the class, we will give you a password good for 3 months.* (If you pay online, select "Return to Merchant" after checkout to get the password)

- enter your password below to access the videos

- follow through the videos in order. Try not to cram too many new things in at a time; a good reference is to try to master 4 videos a week up until "Eye Contact", and then try any videos labeled "Step 1" for a week, the next week do "Step 2", etc.

- the videos can be made full screen using the little arrow icon in the bottom right corner of the video screen and minimized the same way.

- For the time being, videos can only be accessed on non-Apple devices (best viewed on a PC).
*passwords change at the start of each physical class session - if it changes before you have had access for 3 months, just send us a quick email and we'll send you the next password free of charge, as long as you can tell us the previous one as proof of purchase.


  • If you are already a Kaybee's Client: Stop in or call us at 989-893-1390 to get your password for $20.

  • If you are not a current Kaybee's Client the price is $40, or you can buy online now by clicking the button below ($2 processing charge if ordering online).

  • If you are already attending an on-site class, the online tutorials are free! Your instructor will give you the password during the first 2 class sessions.