Policies and Procedures

    General House Rules
  • Dogs must be leashed outside
  • All breeds and sizes accepted
  • If they poop, you scoop! Baggies are located next to the side door attached to the lamp post.
  • All dogs must be up to date on vaccines and preventatives prior to attendance. We require the following vaccinations: Distemper combo either 1 or 3 year, Rabies 1 or 3 year, Bordetella (annual), and Influenza (annual). Lepto and Lyme are not required but are encouraged. Dogs must also be on a regular preventative for fleas, heartworm and intestinal parasites and have at least 1 fecal test done per year to rule out contagious infestations or infections. If your dog is on an Ivermectin-based preventative (such as Heartgard, Triheart, or Ivergard) you must provide a fecal test every 6 months due to lack of whipworm protection. Updates to these requirements must be provided yearly.
  • Dogs must remain under control. Please do not allow your dog to drag you to the building or through doors, jump on gates, or run up to a strange dog. If you are struggling to control your dog, please ask one of the trainers or assistants to show you how to work on the behavior or to help load/unload the dog. We are always happy to help!
  • Please ask before petting dogs, and DO NOT stick hands over fences or fingers into crates (we don't like cleaning up blood, thanks).
  • Small Brachiocephalic dogs (dogs with smushed-in faces) must sign a permission slip before being allowed to play with bigger dogs. This is because of their shallow eye sockets - too much rough housing (or really, even a hard sneeze) can cause some breeds' eyes to protrude from the socket. If you do not wish to give permission to play in the bigger group, we will keep your pooch with dogs under 35lbs in a smaller group (usually in the office area).
    Note that the big dogs we put with the small dogs tend to be geriatric, shy, or less playful and unlikely to cause any harm to smaller playmates.
  • Kaybees has an open-door policy - any owner may come in at any time to check on their pet. Do keep in mind that dogs tend to fuss if they see mom or dad come in and then leave without them, so if you visit, be prepared to be part of an impromptu training session to work on jumping and barking. If you ever witness any behavior by staff or volunteers that you find inappropriate, please immediately report it to Jill or Kristine so that we can resolve the issue.

  • Payment/Package policies
  • Packages must be paid ahead of time, while per-visit charges must be made day-of.
  • Payment plans or deferment not available.
  • Package visits do not expire, however, if your account remains inactive for more than a year or two, we may call and ask to close the account.

  • Scheduling and Pickup/Drop-off Policies
  • A $5 off-hours charge will be added for anyone dropping off before 6:30am or picking up after 6:30pm.
  • Please enter the side door in the morning and exit out the front. In the afternoon, enter the front and exit out the side.
  • Dogs must be scheduled prior to arrival, if a dog shows up and isn't on the schedule or didn't call first, there will be a $5 fee for that day. Per-visit or non-reoccurring package dogs should schedule visits a week ahead of time if possible (we will still accept calls day-of if there is space). If your dog is on a reoccurring schedule, your package has ended, and you know you will be buying another at pickup time on their next visit, please confirm that visit's date with the receptionist so it doesn't get missed.
  • If your dog is on the schedule but needs to cancel, please excuse them by 9am the day of (if possible). No-Shows without a call will be charged for the day according to their tier.
  • If you'd like to have your dog bathed or their nails trimmed as part of their training, please let the receptionist know beforehand so she can put it on the schedule or ask the trainers in the morning if they'll have time. On Fridays, Professional Developement days, very busy days, or in the event someone calls in sick, we may not be able to accomodate baths.

  • Boarding Policies
  • Boarding is offered as a convenience to current Daycare/School dogs only. No "only boarding" dogs permitted
  • We do not free feed during boarding, as it doesn't allow us to monitor how much the dog is eating during their stay.