Obedience Classes

A.K.C. STAR Puppy Class

STAR Puppy is for puppies from 8 weeks to 5 months of age. This class is based on the principles of the AKC STAR Puppy program. Puppies and owners will begin the first steps of basic obedience, develop good practices to prevent behavior problems later in life, and prepare for the CGC test. STAR Puppy test will be taken during class. This class is based on positive reinforcement training (“Clicker Training”).
  • Seasonal class - 7 weeks, $100
Basic Obedience Class

This class is for dogs from 5 months of age or older. Your dog will learn “sit”, “down”, “come”, “stay”, “heel”, “leave-it”, no jumping, wait at doors, and practice eye contact/ focus training. This class uses positive reinforcement training (“Clicker Training”). C.G.C. test will be offered during the last week of class.
  • Seasonal class - 7 weeks, $100
Advanced Obedience Class

This group-based instruction class focusses on the advanced CGC tests, the Urban and Community Canine. Unlike competitive obedience, which focusses on precision comands, this class is for the dog who has good general obedience skills, but needs more work on behaving around others and/or coping with being out in public.
  • Monday nights, 8 weeks, $100

Competition Classes

Agility Class

Agility helps to build confidence and reinforces off-leash control. In our 12,000 square foot yard, your dog will learn to jump hurdles, go through tunnels, weave polls, and climb platforms. During cold or inclement weather, class is held in the our warehouse next door. Basic Obedience is a prerequisite for this class.
  • Beginners - Monday nights, 6 weeks, $100
  • Intermediate/Advanced - Monday nights, 8 weeks, $100
Barn Hunt Class

This sport was originally developed for terriers and "Earth Dogs" who were bred to eradicate vermin, as a way to demonstrate their working drive without actually harming any rodents. Pet rats are hidden in protective tubes in a maze of straw. Dog and handler must correctly locate and identify which tubes contain rats, go throuh a straw bale tunnel, and climb on at least one bale. Note: This sport involves live pet rats, who are not harmed or stressed during the game. No participant is required to touch or directly handle the rats, but because their safety and care is a top priority, those with rodent phobias may not wish to participate (you may be asked to hold a tube with a rat in it while a dog completes its course).
  • Beginner Seminars are held every 2-3 months; watch our Club Facebook Group for date/time announcements
  • Drop in practices - $13 every Thursday night
  • Club Practice nights - Last Thursday of each month, $5 for Club members only. Participants set up or modify their own course and all funds raised go directly to The eRATicators Barn Hunt Club.
Conformation Class

This group-based instruction class prepares you and your dog for the conformation ring. It will help teach your dog to stack and to hold still while being examined, as well as proper gating. Drop-in class runs year round in our sports building next door (warehouse behind Star Automotive) on Friday mornings.
  • Drop-in - Friday mornings, $10 per handler
Competition Obedience Class

This group-based instruction class prepares you and your dog for the competitive obedience ring. Held in conjunction with the Conformation class. See for obedience rules and regulations. Held on Friday mornings in our Performance Warehouse (back end of 1603 Woodside Ave).
  • Friday mornings, 8 weeks, $100

Special Classes

Service Dog Class

This class assists in the specialized training required by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) for each service dog, and helps prepare dog and handler to pass the Urban CGC test. Because each service dog has unique goals, this class is best prefaced with a private lesson. Basic Obedience is also a prerequisite for this class. For more information on service dog requirements, click here.
  • Call for more information - $30 per handler
Therapy Dog Class

The therapy dog class prepares dogs to visit nursing homes, libraries, and hospitals, as well as take their Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and Therapy Dog International (TDI) tests. Classes are held in spring and fall; TDI test will be offered at the end. You do not need to take the class to take the test; test registration is separate from class registration. Schedule listed under "Obedience Classes" at top of page.
  • Class - Sundays, Spring and Fall, 5 weeks, $80
  • Test - $10
  • Annual membership fee to TDI applies if dog passes the test
Private Lessons

If your dog has a specific problem not covered in classes, classes are full, or you are unable to attend classes, private one-on-one lessons are available by appointment. The trainer will meet with you and your dog to discuss your situation and how best to modify the undesirable behavior, or to teach a desired one.
  • Behavior Modification: This type of lesson focuses on correcting a problem behavior, such as anxiety, aggression, or possessiveness, or teaching a new behavior such as Service Dog tasks. These lessons are done by our Senior Trainer, Kristine. (Please note, if you specifically request the Senior Trainer for a different type of private lesson, Behavior Modification prices still apply.)

    • Consultation (first visit) - $60
    • Per hour (repeat visit) - $40
    • 8 visit package - $280

  • Private or Semi-Private Obedience: These lessons are for those who can't make classes, have a dog or human who needs a slower or faster pace than the average student, or just any other case where group learning or daycare doesn't fit. These lessons are typically scheduled with one of our Adjunct or Apprentice Trainers, Barb, Alicea, or Pat.

    • Per Hour (Private) - $30
    • Per Hour (Semi-Private) - $25
    • 4 visit package (Private) - $100
    • 4 visit package (Semi-Private) - $80

  • In-Home Visits: In-home lessons are somewhat limited by location, and may include a mileage fee if outside the Bay City area.

    • Add $15 to the applicable lesson type above
    • Mileage fee if more than 30 Minutes away