Welcome to Doggy School!

The journey to the perfect pet is a long and winding trail, and it's different for every dog. Our School System caters the path to best suit each dog, and provides multiple training options and directions along the way. Follow the roadmap below to get started on your dog's Road to Success!
Does Kaybees board dogs?

Yes and no; we do offer boarding during the week as a convenience to our regular Daycare clients or for board-and-train purposes. We don't accept outside boarding clients without first undergoing Orientation and at least 2 day visits.

Board-and-Trains are an excellent option for those needing the fastest turn around time or who have too far a comute to drop off and pick up every day. Please note that before starting the board-and-train, your dog will still need to visit for a regular day to complete their Orientation and get comfortable with the facility.

After Orientation, you'll drop your dog off on a Monday, and pick them up during the day on Friday. At pickup time, one of the trainers will meet with you to go over your furry friend's week. Make sure to schedule your pick up lesson in advance so your trainer is prepared! This process repeats three more times, for a total of a month.
  • Total package cost - $760
  • Breakdown -
    Orientation: $25
    Trainer Check In
    4 days of Foundation Training: $130
    Private Lesson
    8 days of School: $290
    2 Private Lessons
    4 days of Individual Curriculum: $155
    16 nights of Boarding: $160
What if I just want the Private Lessons, but not School?

Private one-on-one lessons are available by appointment. The trainer will meet with you and your dog to discuss your situation and how best to modify the undesirable behavior, or to teach a desired one.
  • Behavior Modification: This type of lesson focuses on correcting a problem behavior, such as anxiety, aggression, or possessiveness, or teaching a new behavior such as Service Dog tasks. These lessons are done by our Senior Trainer, Kristine. (Please note, if you specifically request the Senior Trainer for a different type of private lesson, Behavior Modification prices still apply.)

    • Consultation (first visit) - $60
    • Per hour (repeat visit) - $40
    • 8 visit package - $280

  • Private or Semi-Private Obedience: These lessons are for those who can't make classes, have a dog or human who needs a slower or faster pace than the average student, or just any other case where group learning or daycare doesn't fit. These lessons are typically scheduled with one of our Adjunct or Apprentice Trainers, Barb, Alicea, or Pat.

    • Per Hour (Private) - $30
    • Per Hour (Semi-Private) - $25
    • 4 visit package (Private) - $100
    • 4 visit package (Semi-Private) - $80

  • In-Home Visits: In-home lessons are somewhat limited by location, and may include a mileage fee if outside the Bay City area. Currently, the only trainer offering In-homes is Kristine.

    • Add $15 to the applicable lesson type above
    • Mileage fee if more than 30 Minutes away