Training Options

Private Lessons

If your dog has a specific problem not covered in classes, classes are full, or you are unable to attend classes, private one-on-one lessons are available by appointment. The trainer will meet with you and your dog to discuss your situation and how best to modify the undesirable behavior, or to teach a desired one.
  • Private lessons (With Amanda or Kristine):
    • Consultation (first visit) - $45
    • Per hour (repeat visit) - $30
    • 8 visit package - $200

  • Private or Semi-Private Lessons with our apprentice trainer:
    • Per Hour - $20
    • 4 visit package - $60

  • In-Home Visit (Kristine):
    • Consultation - $60
    • Per Hour - $40
    • 8 visit package - $240
    • Mileage Fee for out-of-area

Daycare and School

How Daycare Works:

Our Doggy Daycare runs similar to a human daycare/preschool. Drop off your four-legged child on your way into work in the morning, and pick them up on your way home. During the day they will play with the other dogs (and sometimes Nick the cat!) and depending on which daycare-tier they are at, will get one-on-one attention time with the trainers. In addition to going home tired, they also gain valuable social skills and practice whatever behavior you assign them at drop off. We have a 4,600 square foot facility, a huge exercise yard, and a warehouse next door used for cold weather exercise and sports!

All new daycare/school clients must begin with an Orientation day. Please call or stop by to get veterinary record and contact information paperwork BEFORE scheduling an Orientation day.

Note: Must call ahead before each visit (unless on a reoccurring package). Package visits do not expire, and do not have to be used successively.
  • Orientation Day - $20
Daycare (lowest tier)

Dogs are grouped to play based on size, age, and personality. Potty and water breaks are every hour, and naptime is sometime between 12-2pm depending on the day.

Regular "Daycare" (DC) is for dogs who have worked their way down from Daycare Deluxe(DCD) or School(SCH). Daycare dogs have passed their Canine Good Citizen(CGC) Test, are over 6 months old, sterilized, know all the "house rules", potty in the potty area, and have no social or anxiety problems.
  • Per Visit - $16
  • 10 visit package - $150 ($15 per day)
  • 20 visit package - $280 ($14 per day)
Daycare Deluxe or Double Deluxe (middle tier)

Deluxe: All the fun of daycare, PLUS 1/2 an hour of activity time
Double Deluxe: Double the activity time!

This level is for daycare dogs who want some added attention (walk, bike ride, fetch, cuddle time, car ride, etc), dogs who are training for a competition or sport (flyball, agility, competition obedience, conformation, etc), or dogs who have graduated most of their school training and just require a little help to maintain that level of excellence. Daycare deluxe dogs may also request a nail trim at no extra charge, and/or a bath for $5 more (for shampoo & supplies).

  • Per Visit - $23
  • 10 visit package - $220 ($22 per day)
  • 20 visit package - $420 ($21 per day)
Double Deluxe
  • Per Visit - $30
  • 10 visit package - $280 ($28 per day)
  • 20 visit package - $520 ($26 per day)
School (top tier)

The most "bang" for your buck! School is daycare PLUS a full hour of one-on-one attention with the trainers. Visit 4 times and get a FREE private lesson; visit 20 times, get a FREE class!

All new dogs start out at the school level after their orientation day, and may choose to downgrade as they acheive their training goals. SCH dogs may request anything listed in the DCD section, as well as specialized training for aggression or anxiety problems, basic-advanced obedience, potty training, or whatever else you would like us to do! (We've even learned German commands for Schutzund dogs, and sign language for deaf ones!)

If you are unsure what training method is right for you, SCH will cover pretty much anything except owner-possessiveness, as that problem requires owner to be present while practicing.
  • Per Visit - $35
  • 10 visit package - $330 ($33 per day)
  • 20 visit package - $620 ($31 per day)
  • *FREE PRIVATE LESSON after 4 visits
  • *FREE CLASS after 20 visits
Boarding School

Boarding is offered as a convenience to our daycare and school clients only. No outside boarding clients accepted without first undergoing Orientation and at least 2 day visits.

Boarding School (aka, doggy bootcamp!) is an excellent option for dogs who live too far away to make a regular commute, dogs who need the fastest "turn-around time", or dogs who have had a bad experience with a boarding facility in the past and are in need of rehabilitation.
  • Weekday boarding = School/Daycare Deluxe/Daycare + $10 a night
  • Weekend or Holiday boarding = $16 a day


Special Needs Grooming

We specialize in grooming dogs that need extra care with handling (aggressive). We only accept one dog in at a time and charge by the hour, but will charge by the half hour as well.
  • 1/2 hour - $15
  • 1 hour - $20
  • Nails only (no grooming) - $10

Want to groom/bathe your own dog, but don't have the facilities at home? Our Rent-A-Tub room has raised tubs, aprons, shampoo, brushes, towels, and blow dryer.
  • R.A.T. - $10 per dog

Building Rental

Our 4,600 sq ft building and 12,000 sq ft agility yard are available for doggie birthday parties, private club training, Show-N-Go, dog shows, and more!
  • Per Hour - $20
  • Weekend (Sat/Sun) - $200
  • Including Outside Yard - add $100