The Thera-Clean Microbubble System

two cute dogs in bath tubs

Treat your pup to the best bubble bath available; Without any soaps or shampoos!

The Thera-Clean Microbubble System uses negatively charged microbubbles to clean deep down to the root of the hair; using only water! This means no allergic reactions, and no dry skin from frequent baths. In addition, Thera-Clean baths have multiple benefits for your pet's skin.

Reduced Odor
Most bad odors that come from pets are a sign of skin issues deep down within the pores and hair follicles. The Advanced Skin Health System by Thera-Clean makes it possible to clean out all the irritants that cause bad odor. Have you ever been able to get a skunk sprayed dog back to smelling normal in just one bath? We have.

Reduced Itching and Scratching
Itching and biting from allergies or skin irritation can lead to increased problems. With clean, healthier skin, the itching and biting diminishes and so does the risk of secondary infections.

Reduced Shedding
The cleaner the skin and hair, the healthier it is. Healthy hair is stronger hair, and it holds onto the skin for that much longer. It's a cycle that all starts with the skin!

Environmentally Friendly
The future of our environment is extremely important. A Thera-Clean bath uses no synthetic chemicals at all. If needed, only a plant and mineral based enzyme is used to assist the billions of microbubbles in lifting dirt, oils, and debris from your pet's skin and pores.

Reduced Stress and Anxiety
A Thera-Clean bath relaxes both dogs and cats to a level similar to a deep tissue massage. Who doesn't like a nice bubble bath now and then?

If your dog is allergic to plain water, you probably have bigger issues than just bathtime!

No Additional Skin Irritation
Unlike a regular bath, a Thera-Clean bath does not require direct contact with already sensitive skin. There's no rubbing and no shampoo - just soft bubble jets and gently running water.

Improved Theraputic Results
The Thera-Clean bath enhances the efficacy of other treatments by clearing out pores to improve absorbtion of topical drugs and remove allergens and bacteria that work against oral medications.

Improve Dry Skin
Add Thera-Clean Moisture Plus enzymes to the bath to replenish the skin's essential oils and give your pet's coat a boost of hydration.
microbubbles lifting dirt from pores

How do microbubbles work?

Simply speaking, microbubbles are tiny bubbles. To be a microbubble, they must be less than 1000 micrometers in size. The Thera-Clean system creates millions and millions of bubbles that range from 3-20 micro meters. To put this into perspective, a human hair is 70 micrometers in size and most bacteria is between 3-40 micrometers in size. This is perfect for penetrating hair follicles and skin pores while not passing through the epidermis.

Microbubbles work on a much deeper level than any soaps or shampoos. They offer a whole new concept of clean skin. This means the microbubble therapy will enhance the efficiency of any other form of treatment. Any medication, whether administered topically or orally will function much better due to improved pore and hair follicle condition.

Depending on the skin's condition or the reason for the bath, special enzyme powders may be added to the bath to help loosen the sebum crust at the top of the hair follicle and make it easier for the bubbles to do their job.
Cute dogs in bath

Pricing, Appointment Prep, and Scheduling Frequency

For best results, follow the 3-2-1 method when scheduling baths. That is, 3 baths the first week, 2 baths the second, and 1 bath the third. Depending on the reason for the baths, we'll evaluate the pet's condition after the 6th bath and decide if that's all they needed, or if we should continue on a weekly or monthly basis. (Example - when regrowing hair, expect a month or two before obvious results show, but if bathing to reduce odor results should be immediate.) Baths can also be scheduled one at a time to accomodate different schedules and budgets, but results may be slower depending on the condition being treated (if there is one).

Pricing is based on size of dog and appointments typically last 30-40 minutes. Bath includes towel drying, as many dogs don't enjoy blow dryers, but blow drying can be added on for an extra charge. Please be aware that longer coated breeds will take extra time to dry; if requesting a blow dry for this type of dog, plan on double the time for the appointment.

Please bring your dog to the appointment freshly brushed; average shedding isn't a problem, but a matted dog (especially Poodle/Doodle type hair) will only get more matted during/after the bath. If a dog arrives matted or shedding excessively, we will add on an extra 1/2 hour brushing fee. If more time than that is required to remedy the situation, we may not be able to proceed with their Thera-Clean treatment due to time constraints. Owners are welcome to stay with their dog for the bath if they so desire, but may be asked to leave if their presence upsets the dog as opposed to calming them. Flea/tick prevention of some type is required prior to entering the building. Pricing:
Small dogs and cats (less than 25lbs)
  • $25 single bath
  • $65 3 bath package
  • $120 6 bath package
Medium dogs (26-55lbs)
  • $35 single bath
  • $95 3 bath package
  • $180 6 bath package
Large dogs (56-75lbs)
  • $45 single bath
  • $125 3 bath package
  • $240 6 bath package
XL dogs (76lbs +)
  • $60 single bath
  • $170 3 bath package
  • $330 6 bath package
  • $20 Blow dry
  • $20 Brushing
  • Optional Plant-Based Enzymes (no extra charge): Oily Skin, Dry Skin, Luxury Spa, Allergies and Itching, Infected Skin, Moisture Boost, Odor Eliminator
2 shelties in a tub

Bert's Success Story

A very fuzzy Filbert

See that thick, curly, fluffy Poodle bum?

It didn't always look like that. Five months prior, it looked like this:

Bert with black skin and missing hair

At only 6 years old, Filbert the Mini Poodle mix was diagnosed with Diabetes and Thyroid Cancer. His skin was rough, black, and elephant like with either very thin or no hair at all on his rump and back. His scrawny little tail, which had never been shaved before, lost all but a few wispy hairs along the bottom. The thinning was slowly spreading up his back and down his legs, despite the underlying conditions being treated. This is what he looked like 2 years after the hair loss started, after multiple oral and topical skin supplements failed to help.

Due to scheduling difficulties, he started out with 2 baths the first week, 2 the second, and 1 the third instead of the "3-2-1" method. He then continued one bath a week for 3 weeks, and one every other for another 3 weeks after that. After just the first few baths, his existing coat was already shinier, fuller, and easier to comb. At bath number 8, his black bald patches had almost completely filled in with brand new growth. It took probably another month of growing after the last bath, but as you can see in the first picture, that scrawny black tail finally filled in as well!

Bert showing progress

Today, Bert is able to get regular hair cuts again. He had a thyroidectemy on his left side (and the hair shaved during that surgery grew back as well!) and has started hormone supplements, as well as insulin injections twice a day. Thanks to his wonderful vets at Animal Alley and his Thera-Clean treatments, Bert is looking and feeling much better!

Nail Trims and Problem Grooms

Does your dog struggle with getting groomed or having their nails trimmed?

We can help. Many dogs have a hard time with grooming, nails or exams due to either lack of good experiences with their vets or groomers, or maybe just one bad experience and a grudge. Either way, the key to re-establishing that relationship is slow, consistent confidence building. Unfortuneately, most vets and groomers don't have the time to slow down and take things at the dog's pace. That's where we come in.

Don't get confused; when you schedule a grooming or nail trim lesson with us, it is in fact a lesson, NOT a grooming appointment! This means that most likely, your first visit will not result in a fully finished dog. Remember; we are working on expanding the dog's comfort level and improving behavior. Aesthetics are going to be our last concern during these appointments, and you will be expected to stay and learn what we are doing and why. You will likely even be assigned homework to continue confidence building at home.

  • Problem groom or nail trim: $30-60 depending on time, trainer, and type of appointment.
  • Well-behaved nail trims: $10